This recipe is also from my friend Jiyoung. Just experiment with the seasonings to find a good combination of tastes!


 Ground beef

Purple sweet potato starch noodles (from Asian store)

Red/yellow/orange peppers



Soy sauce

Brown sugar


Sesame oil

Sesame seed


Boil the sweet potato noodles. Cook ground beef with salt. Fry onions and peppers separately with salt. Steam spinach.

Drain and cool noodles with cold water and then place them in a large bowl. Cut the noodles with clean scissors into smaller, more manageable lengths.

Add vegetables and seasonings to the noodles to taste. Serve cold.



My sweet Korean friend Jiyoung taught me how to make Bulgogi. However, she cooks according to feel and was unable to give me exact measurements on the ingredients. She goes heavy on the soy sauce, light on the sesame oil, sesame seed and red pepper. You just have to experiment to find a taste you love.


 Beef (roast, sirloin, etc)


  • Onion
  • Green, red, yellow pepper
  • Carrots (matchstick)
  • Mushrooms

Soy sauce (from an Asian store, not any of the American junk)


Sesame oil

Sesame seed

Red pepper powder (also from an Asian store)

Garlic (at least 4 cloves)


Romaine lettuce leaves


Slice the beef into bite size strips and place in a large bowl. Add vegetables and seasonings (to taste) and mix thoroughly. In a large saucepan (or two) cook until meat is done. Do NOT drain the juices. As the meat cooks the juices will be absorbed. If you drain the juices, you will lose the delicious flavors. Serve with rice on a lettuce leaf and enjoy!